Samantha Long A THREAT

Samantha Long is a Celebrity Choreographer, Viral Dance Tastemaker and an A-List Movement Coach. She is the Founder and CEO of A THREAT Media - an entertainment powerhouse built by women and allies of women, for women. Through a massive social media following and in-house production team, A THREAT creates viral trends and moments empowering female trendsetters across all of pop-culture, music, fashion and business. 

Creating A THREAT at 21 years old as a full Artist Development & Dance Studio in North Hollywood, Samantha's consistence in creating viral trends in the space has allowed her to expand A THREAT into working with some of the most recognizable names in all of entertainment today. You have likely already seen the A THREAT effect across all of social media; the public praise Samantha has received from artists like Billie Eilish, Shakira and Nicki Minaj are just the most recent validations for a movement decades in the making and over 100 Million views across platforms.

Recognized for her trademark ‘hip-hop-in-heels’ choreography, Samantha impacts hundreds of millions of fans worldwide through features in motion picture, television, music, strategic brand partnerships and innumerable viral videos - most recently including her signature intertwining of martial arts and dance. Samantha has built a 15 year long career in movement, and the most exciting part of it all still remains - ‘What’s next?’